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Hi guys, been reading this forum for a while, i managed to build this booster and it worked great, until i got the 3pdt switch today, i wired it up as per the diagram on here but then when i came to testing it it doesn't boost anymore, its quieter than on bypass, the pot still makes it slightly louder but doesn't really do much and when on full theres an odd humming sound, i know i need to work it out for myself but considering it worked completely fine before i don't know where to start, any help would be much appreciated, cheers


Is it in a box? Look for a short to the chassis if so.


I built a new one and its fine, i think i put the transistor in backwards in the original one! can't believe it! really confused me how that works because i tested it and it seemed to work, and when it was down it was at the same as if i bypassed it and went straight into the amp, but I built a new one with the transistor in the other way around and now as soon as you turn it on even at the lowest it boosts it and it cranks up to a rather crazy distortion, it sounds good! if i turn the pot all the way up i get a strange clicking sound tho but its in a plastic box so i suppose that could be some kind of interference


& of course many thanks to everyone to helping me via your postings and whatnot on here!  :)


Would it be possible for you to record the ticking sound? If it's what I think it is, you might have some bad grounding. Otherwise, it's probably just because you're driving it too much with power.

ground/Vout reversed can cause that ticking, and you can still get sound out of the circuit. If you turn it up that far, does the ticking go away when you play, and then slowly build back up to very loud, or is it consistent?
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