unrealBook Mobile

a micro-sized unrealBook for your iPhone!

Simple and portable!

Take your files for you to review on your iPhone.

Easy to use! Choose a file to view from the Quick Find menu. Swipe left or right to turn pages. Tap on the right or left of the page to turn as well.

Use 2 fingers to zoom the file. Double-tap the center to return to normal zoom.

Swipe up to exit and return to Quick Find. Swipe down to view file settings and to send files to other programs or devices.

Tap with 2 fingers to start and stop song playback.

The perfect accessory to unrealBook for the iPad.


View your music PDF files on your iPhone
Supports unrealBook drawings*
Browse unrealBook set lists, bookmarks and indexes!
Supports Airturn pedals and similar products
Video out with rotation for display on a large monitor
Link a song from your iTunes library to a chart
Airdrop your PDF to other programs via iOS7
Remote turn a connected iPad running unrealBook
Transmit a file to a connected iPad running unrealBook
Download files from Dropbox

*unrealBook drawings supported. Hot spots, text and transmogrify not currently supported. First version unrealBook annotations not supported.