Understanding the Settings window

The Settings window has options for controlling the functionality of unrealBook Mobile

Auto Connect


Use Auto Connect to connect to an iPad running unrealBook for iPad. To do this, set Auto Connect to ON in unrealBook Mobile and in unrealBook for iPad. Set unrealBook for iPad to slave mode. Make sure they have the same network key. Once they are both connected, you can use the Control window to turn pages on the iPad or to send files unrealBook for iPad.

Network Key


Set the network key to be the same for unrealBook Mobile and on the iPad running unrealBook.

Airturn Setup >

Press this to setup your Airturn foot pedal or similar.


Setup Wifi to slave another iPhone or iPad to your phone OR slave your phone to another phone or iPad.

For setting up as a master. Nothing to do. Just note the Address: as you will need it for the slaves.

For setting up as a slave: Turn on Slave Mode: and type the address from the Master into the Master: field.

Go back to All Files and select a file.


The ID (Identity) String is appended to the end of the filename before the extension when this iPad is a slave and it receives a load command. For example if the ID String is: -Bb- and the original file is test.pdf, the file to load will be: test-Bb-.pdf

Custom VGA and VGA Sideways


If you are running iOS 5 or 7, you can turn Custom VGA on. When custom VGA is on, the file will display on a connected monitor using the iPad VGA display adapter. In addition, if you turn VGA Sideways on, the image will project rotated 90 degress on the monitor which will allow it to fill the monitor are better.

Show Alerts

Will show alerts when rebuilding the Quick Find menu. This may be useful if you have thousands of files to rebuild. 

Ask for files. If you are connected via Wifi  to a master and Share Files: is set on for the master, and you are a slave, then files not found in the slave will be automatically downloaded to the slave.

Create All Files Set List


When this is on, you can pull down in the set lists table to create an All Files Set List. This will allow you to turn through all of your files in unrealBook Mobile as if they were one large book.

Zoom std files will slightly zoom standard PDF when viewing in All Files.

Scrolling Set List This will view the set list as a vertically scrolling list of images.

Manage Files This will allow you to send/Airdrop a file to another application or iOS device. You can also Email and Delete a file.


Press this to access the unrealBook Mobile knowledge base and ideas forum.

Using an iRig BlueBoard Foot Pedal

You can use an IK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard pedal to turn pages and to start and stop the music player.

Connect the iRig

Use the IK Mutimedia BlueBoard app on the iPhone to connect to the iRig Blueboard.

Use Program or Controller mode to control unrealBook Mobile

The iRig BlueBoard has 2 modes. Program change mode and controller change mode.

If you are in Program change mode, the following program changes will control unrealBook Mobile:

Programs 1 and 14 – Will start and stop the music player.
Programs 2, 6, 9 and 12 will turn to the previous page.
Programs 3, 7, 10 and 13 will turn to the next page.
Program 15 will start and stop the metronome.

If the iRig BlueBoard is in controller change mode, the following control messages will control unrealBook Mobile:

Control 1 will start and stop the music player.
Control 2 will turn to the previous page.
Control 3 will turn to the next page.
Control 15 will start and stop the metronome.

Receiving Set List files from unrealBook for iPad

You can send set lists and all associated files from unrealBook for iPad to unrealBook Mobile. This is a quick and easy way to ensure that you have a backup of files that you may need for a performance. You can review your set list on your iPhone when your iPad is not available.

Email a set list and files from unrealBook for iPad

in unrealBook for iPad, choose a set list from the set list popup. From the + button in the set list toolbar, choose Email Set List and All Files. Email the file to yourself. 

Read and send the file to unrealBook Mobile


In Apple Mail, read the received email. Press on the set list file (setlistzipfile.zip) and choose Open In… Select unrealBook Mobile. An alert will appear asking you if you want to unzip the file. Choose Unzip and Overwrite. This will unzip the set list file and every file associated with the set list. This will overwrite any existing files with the same name.

View the received set list


Select Set Lists

Select your received set list


Press the selected set list to view the songs within.

File Settings Window

You can access settings for each file from the File Settings Window.

Swipe downwards with 2 fingers when a file is displayed to access the File Settings Window


Swipe downwards with 2 fingers to access the File Settings Window.

Go To Page:


Type in a page number and press return.

Add To Set List

You can press this to add the current song to an existing set list.

Send File To Slave

If an iPad running unrealBook is connected via Auto Connect, you can send the current PDF file to the iPad.

Link Song From Library


Press this to select a song to play from the iTunes library in your phone. Once a song is playing it is linked to the current displayed file. After exiting the File Settings window, you can use two fingers to tap on the page to start and stop the player. (2 finger tap)

Show/Hide Metronome


This will toggle the metronome display which appears under the displayed PDF. 

Link Audio File To Page:

Press this to link a wave, mp3, mp4 audio file that is in the documents folder to the current displayed file.

Open In…

Use this command to send the current PDF to another application. (Note that drawings are not sent, just the PDF file).


You can shrink or enlarge the displayed file by a preset amount.