Receiving Set List files from unrealBook for iPad

You can send set lists and all associated files from unrealBook for iPad to unrealBook Mobile. This is a quick and easy way to ensure that you have a backup of files that you may need for a performance. You can review your set list on your iPhone when your iPad is not available.

Email a set list and files from unrealBook for iPad

in unrealBook for iPad, choose a set list from the set list popup. From the + button in the set list toolbar, choose Email Set List and All Files. Email the file to yourself. 

Read and send the file to unrealBook Mobile


In Apple Mail, read the received email. Press on the set list file ( and choose Open In… Select unrealBook Mobile. An alert will appear asking you if you want to unzip the file. Choose Unzip and Overwrite. This will unzip the set list file and every file associated with the set list. This will overwrite any existing files with the same name.

View the received set list


Select Set Lists

Select your received set list


Press the selected set list to view the songs within.

Using Dropbox to load files

Connect to Dropbox

unrealBook Mobile provides simple access to dropbox for downloading files.. Note: you must already have a Dropbox account at

Sign in to Dropbox


Sign into dropbox using your email and password. Once you are signed in, choose Dropbox again.

Once you are into the Dropbox Home folder, use the buttons on the bottom to download, get new files or sort.


Select a file and use the Download button to download the file to unrealBook mobile. Press Get New to get newer versions of file and files that don’t exist in unrealBook mobile. Press the Sort button to sort by name or by date.