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Great words from Kevin O’Connor in TUT5

Here are some great words from Kevin O’Connor – they really speak to me and the spirit of DIY: from TUT5 preface: “In the coincidence of two hobbies – playing an instrument and wielding a soldering iron – we can double our fun. We can expand our musical dexterity while learning new electronic tricks […]

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Stompbox Parts for sale

Please visit the store for stompbox parts. I ship anywhere USPS ships. Click here to visit the store.

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Site with good videos of commercial effects

Good player and nice demos.

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Cheap inductors

Here’s a post from the forum re: inductors: Ever since I started this hobby, I was always interested in the black art of the inductor. Hardly anyone seems to know what value certain inductors were and from what I have been reading, two measurements seem to be the most important: inductance and resistance. Based on […]

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