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New items just came in

PT2399, LM386, Metal Can 2N2222 transistors. Just a few fun silicon pieces for you to have fun with. All in the store. The PT2399 can be used for the Rebote Delay, Echo Base delay and other delay-based applications. The LM386 can be used for any number of tiny amps and the Smash Drive. The 2N2222 […]

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Want to learn how to build your own circuit?

Purchase the beginner kit and hit the beginner forum! After building this circuit, you will be able to build many more and will have an understanding of how to build and mod your own pedals. Buy the beginner kit Hit the forum and follow the numbered threads.

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SPICE forum created

I just created a SPICE forum in You need to be logged in to see it. Right now most of the files are for LTSpice but I hope others will post files for different spice applications.

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Site for electronic demonstrations

Gil from the forum pointed out this great site which shows how components work visually. Check it out

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Neat site with some stompbox applications! Check it out!

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Dan Armstrong website

Fascinating web site that details the man that created the great Orange Squeezer and other circuits. I still have my Orange Squeezer, Purple Peaker and Green Ringer. All great pedals! Check out the website.

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DIYstompboxes for iPhone has been released!

DIYstompboxes for iPhone has been released. It’s on iTunes right now. Get it, it’s free! 🙂 This free app will allow you to check out this page, the forum, order parts and reference the Wiki and Gallery from your iPhone. Here’s a link to more info…. There’s even a donate button 🙂

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