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iMazing for OS X – iPad/iPhone

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you need to get iMazing. This app will do a ton of things, but the #1 thing it will do is copy files to your iPad faster than iTunes. I mean minutes instead of hours. The next thing it will do is browse your iPad/iPhone backups directly on […]

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The first book that made me understand simple circuits

I had all sorts of articles and books as well as electronics projects I had tried, but this simple Anderton book was the first one I really understood. For some reason I was able to understand what was in this book. I guess the delivery was really for a beginner. I still think it’s a […]

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Cool video of Fender Factory

Early days Fender Factory video! [wp_ad_camp_1]

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Tubes for dummies article

Here’s an old article I wrote for beginners to understand tubes a little more – coming from a stompbox perspective: Tubes for dummies [wp_ad_camp_1]

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Vintage Fender amp schematics and layouts

Looking to repair your old Fender amp? This site has a ton of schematics and layouts and they are cleaned up. Nice site! Vintage Fender Amp Repair [wp_ad_camp_1]

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Nice new auto-ranging meter for under $35!

My old trusty Radio Shack multimeter broke recently. I’ve had it for about 15 years and it has been a workhorse! I loved using it to build my stompboxes and debug my amps. The resistance function broke recently and it was time to find another. I have a number of meters but I wanted another […]

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Beginner Boost breadboard tutorial by Small Bear

Want to learn how to breadboard a circuit? Try the beginner boost tutorial and get yourself started with building pedals! Beginner Boost Tutorial [wp_ad_camp_1]  

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