Eminence Speakers… very good

I was amazed at the tone my friend got with his very good Carr Amp. I loved the detailed midrange of the amp. Unfortunately I couldn’t connect my Bassman to his speaker easily, so I took a chance and purchased an Eminence speaker that someone from the forum was selling. On paper, the speaker response of the different models look very close. The main differences being the bass and midrange response.

The Legend speaker I got did remind me of the tone of the Wizard – much better midrange than what I am used to getting with my Celestion Greenbacks. It brought out the nice midrange of my guitar, without any of the harsher tones. Based on this, I wouldn’t hesitate to try a Wizard speaker, even though it’s a brighter speaker. So far I am sold on Eminence speakers…. Very good!

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  1. Sam
    Posted February 3, 2011 at 9:43 pm | Permalink

    I too love my Eminence Legend 12 inch guitar Speaker. A major online retailer had a new unknown brand speaker cab, a 1×12 (closed cab), on clearance for 49.00! The cab arrived made of 3/4 inch birch and had a 12 inch Eminence Legend 120 watt spkr/8 ohms, not bad! Heavy and Solid the cab sounded crushingly great with my Uberschall head. Quickly, I went to buy another size and was too late, they sold out of all of them. I tried every store online and found that manuf is no longer making these cabs. You can get a Legend spk in other brands of cabs but the are a little more than what I had paid! Out of 25yrs using Celestions 25watt/75watt and Mesa black shadow 75 watt speakers, the Legend 120watt is my fav. It has held up very well the 3 yrs I have had it. It broke in so nice I only wish I had a few more in a 4×12 or a second 1×12 but this one for 49bucks will suffice.

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