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Fuzz Face Bias Resistors Calculator

R1   K
R2   K
R3   K
R4   K
Vcc  V
Vbe  V
iL   mA
Vbe  V
iL   mA


Vc1  V
Vc2  V
ic1  mA
ic2  mA
ib1  mA
ib2  mA
ie1  mA
ie2  mA
i1   mA
i3   mA
V4   V
Ve2  V

Use this page to estimate the bias resistors of a Fuzz Face circuit.
Calculation includes the effect of germanium transistors leakage current in mA, iL text field. For silicon transistors use iL = 0.
Vc2 and Vc1 values are very sensitive to small changes in hFE and iL, therefore precise readings are required to estimate variables with reasonable accuracy.
If nothing is showed after clicking the Fuzz button then click on the result fields or click Reset.

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