NextSong Help
Version 1.1
Thank you for purchasing NextSong.
I hope you enjoy using NextSong with your
footswitch controller.


The main screen of NextSong contains a screen showing all of the set lists that you have created. To create a new set list, simply tap the + button on the bottom left. A list of the music that is on your device will be presented. Select the songs you want to add to the set list and press done. A prompt will appear asking you to name the set list; enter a suitable name. Repeat this process for more set lists.

If you would like to delete a set list, tap the Edit button on the top right and tap the minus and delete button that appears.

Tap on the www button to go to NextSong’s website.

Press the preferences button to access the pre-roll setting.


Pre-roll rewinds the start point of the song a user defined amount of seconds every time you pause playback. This allows you listen to an area of music over and over without having to set loop points or manually setting a start time. Simply set the pre roll value to something like 2 secs and when you pause and play again, playback will start 2 secs before the last paused time. This is useful for transcribing music or even speeches. NOTE: you must turn off the Airturn BT-105 before editing the pre-roll settings as the Airturn prevents the onscreen keyboard from appearing.

To use a set list, tap on the set list name.


The set list display shows all of the songs in the set list. By default, the first song is checked and ready to play. At any time you can tap any other song and it will be ready to play. To play a song, press the right pedal* on your
Airturn BT-105 or tap the play/pause button on the bottom right of the screen. To pause playback, press the right pedal* again or or tap the play/pause button on the bottom right of the screen. To advance to the next song, press the left pedal* or tap on any other song name. When you reach the end of the list, a press on the footswitch will wrap to the beginning of the list.

Even if a song is currently playing, you can still advance to the next song by using the left pedal or by tapping on another song. That will ready the next song for playback but will not start playback until you stop the currently playing song. Only after the current song has stopped, and you have started playback, will the next song start playing.

The + sign at the bottom of the screen will allow you to add songs to the set list. The Edit button on the top right will allow you to delete or reorder the set list.


Tapping the Set Lists button on the top left of the screen will take you back to the main screen which is contains all of your set lists.

I hope you have a lot of great gigs using NextSong!

*A note about pedals. The
Airturn BT-105 is the preferred method of controlling NextSong. If you would like to purchase an Airturn BT-105, please click here.

The left pedal sends out the up arrow code and the right pedal sends out the down arrow code. This means that you can use any Bluetooth keyboard to control NextSong. Just pair the Bluetooth keyboard to your iDevice and use the up and down arrows to control NextSong. In addition, any compatible footswitch device which transmits up and down arrow can be used as well.