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Bunch O Chips - Quick question on a couple please.
« on: November 24, 2012, 05:44:27 PM »
A friend gave me a ton of IC's, Transistors and other stuff way back and having a 4 day weekend I started going through them; barely through it and burned out after 1-1/2 hours.

But I found some items that I was wondering if they were still viable for current application use today? I may just have a pile of useless junk; but I have found some that I have use of like LM324's and RCA CA324E's, RC4558, CD4049's, etc.

Listing briefly some of the ones that are in the pile; but there's too many to list and I haven't fully sorted and identified them all. Some are very odd like one that has a Panasonic logo mark on it and stamped AN301. Below the AN301 is an 8 with a box and a line over the box.

GPS ZN433CJ-10 (10 BIT ADC's) have 21 of these and it looks like they cost a good bit even today.
AD7531JN (10/12 BIT Multiplier DAC),
Different flavors of High Frequency Transistor arrays like CA3127's,
Diode Arrays like the CA3141E,   
Dallas DS1397 RAMified Real Time Clock.
a couple of Toshiba TC5501P's (256 x 4 CMOS RAM) bunch of logic gates like MC14001B's,
BCD Up/Down Counters like the HEF4510BP,
TDA7318 Digital SAP's,
these (ST62T32B) when I looked them up it kind of made me go, "it does all that? * bit OTP/EEPROM MCU's with ADC, 16 BIT auto reload timer, EEPROM, SPI and UART, but as I siad earlier, there's tons more to soft through.

Also found some older Ampex chips 1509559-10 (made in 1990) and 501828-040 (made in 87).

The ones I'm most curious about are the GPS ZN433CJ-10's, the Toshiba TC5501P's, the DS1397 RAMified and the ST62T32B''s.

If any pop out at to anyone that are good/great/rare, please let me know.

I will try to get some pics of the pile as it's sorted; there are a bunch of singles in there right now.

Thanks in advance,



Re: Bunch O Chips - Quick question on a couple please.
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These are the ZN433CJ's;  I noticed that two in the group were marked differently (AF7570JD) in the second pic.


Re: Bunch O Chips - Quick question on a couple please.
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the AD7531JN DAC is def not junk. :) with an accompanying parallel ADC, one can make a bitcrusher/samplerate reducer!
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