Author Topic: LINE 6 DL4 BROKEN...WHY?  (Read 2669 times)


« on: December 12, 2012, 04:29:07 AM »
HEY,  I have a problem with a 2-year old Line DL4 that I can not seem to figure out.

I use the pedal in a looping format with a couple other pedals (Boss RC-50/20) and yesterday it just stopped working. I was troubleshooting the obvious factors (e.g. changing adapters, power sources, instruments, cables, etc) and then I took it apart.

I noticed the red power wire was leading to the battery input and was corroded. I don't know whether the battery nodes correspond with the overall power relationship to the adapter input, but I brushed the corrosion off anyway (with baking soda). Still though..nothing going...

anyone have any idea how I could salvage this amazing musical weapon?

thanks, PHil


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These units seem to have trouble with the power supplies, it would be worth starting your debugging there.  It is a complicated system with 3 different charge pumps and a few regulators.  It takes 9v AC and turns it into regulated +/- 5v for analog stuff, and 3.3v for the digital.

Here's one man's advice:

I don't necessarily agree with how he kludges the power supply (because then you need a funny adapter), but if it works, it works.  He does a good job of walking through the system, however.

Here is Mr. Huge's schematic he posted of the power supply, very helpful info:

I haven't been able fix mine though.  I recommend putting a cap on your repair time.  These pedals are very complicated, and failure prone.