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all good, i'll take the more organic approach, i still use an echoplex ;)
i have always found having everything hit "on beat " to end up just being kinda cacophanous and lacking actual feel, but that's me ;)

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Re: Tap Tempo Delay out of sync
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I write you from France, I just bought a nux time force; I ve put a bad power supply so it burned!
I m trying to fix it, but i need to have schematics...
or if someone can tell me what component is Q1, because it seems to have burned.
I ve just tried a few momnt with the battery and found the se problem on the tap tempo.
too bad!
thank you

I know this thread is old, but after one of my dear friend plugged my time force to an AC/AC adaptor I had the same issue...
The solution was to replace a 220uf cap (It blowed up) on the upper side of the pcb with the jack connections, and to replace the Q1 transistor wich is a P channel MOSFET I belive. I'm currently waiting for my replacement part which is an AO3401 MOSFET in a sot-23 case (I have another time force, which my friend bought me in return of the ruined one, and the Q1 part had TRF7* written on it, which is a NTR4171p I think, and the AO3401 is the only equvivalent I could get my hands on). But I think I'm correct with the MOSFET because one the gate pin there is 0,9V voltage, and when I connected the drain and source with a diode, the pedal turned on and worked flawlessly. The way It works is, when you plug in your jack cable, de cable shorts the connection to the gate, which provides 0,9V voltage for it, so the mosfet can turn on, and power the pedal.
Of course you should clean your pcb with the proper solvent, to remove any stains from the damaged cap, to prevent further shorts.
Sorry for my bad english, but I thought I should post it, If anyone had the same issue.


Re: Tap Tempo Delay out of sync
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I soldered in the mosfet, and the pedal works just fine again!


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Hi friends.
I do have a NUX TIME FORCE like that about this post.
My pcb is VER:7.0 2013-04-09
I Really very need the U7 data content (firmware). U7 is ST39VF400A and it is the memory that holds the firmware.
My unit works good but sometimes suddenly crashes (when in Tube Echo mode). When it happens I must to power off and on again to unlock and reset all.
I worked hard for a month in the circuit and all the hardware is perfect, so I found that the only cause is a bad firmware code or a corrupted data.
I would ask please a friend that own an unit like that to read the firmware data and send me a file copy please, if possible. Or if there anybody that could  tell me where to find it on internet.
Please sorry for my bad english.
Very thanks
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Hi, can you tell me the part number of Q1 in this picture? A client connected an AC power supply and burned this transistor.