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Deep Blue Delay Problem (yes...again)
« on: December 15, 2015, 03:24:31 PM »
Hi friends! me again...yes... i have another problem with deep blue delay...i'll call it a "weird problem"

the pedal sounds great, I have nothing to say about that. my problem is when I disconnect the power source and reconnect no longer generates the pedal effect. what I do is that after disconnecting, also disconnect the plugs and jacks and wait a while and reconnect all well and working again.

Someone happens the same!?! ??!?!?

i've used  the Urchin schematic with the same values, i just made the "Tails Mod", but i tried with true bypass or directly (always on) and is just...the same...problem.
i was thinking maybe is a capacitor who doesn't work correctly on the power section, or the 78L05 was dead, i've literally changed capacitors and new 78L05...put a new PT2399 and new TL072 and...THE SAME RESULT !!!!! WTF !!
i notice when this happens the PT2399 get hot a little and the R7 resistance (33 ohms) too. but when the sound get returns this isn't happens

the pedal sound, the problem is when i reconnect the power source, i have to wait a while

i have a "rebote delay" too, but this isn't happens

i don't know wtf is going on !!

cheers my friends


Re: Deep Blue Delay Problem (yes...again)
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2015, 03:48:28 PM »
Did you jumper the analog and digital grounds of the PT2399?
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Re: Deep Blue Delay Problem (yes...again)
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Common problem; If the chip is getting hot, iť is most likely to be caused by "locking up": I understand this can happen if the pin 6 to ground resistance (that sets the delay time) is too low on power up. If you search Google for "pt2399 lock up", there are several remedies floating around, most of which involve connecting a tiny daughterboard to pin 6 that uses a transistor, largish cap, diode and resistor to increase the resistance to that pin for a few vital milliseconds during powering up. Once the cap is fully charged, the daughter board does not affect the delay time setting.
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Re: Deep Blue Delay Problem (yes...again)
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i've used  the Urchin schematic with the same values

What the others said. Also, if it is the Sea Urchin I built, they forgot to include the analog/digital pin jumper on the PCB template which results in lockups every other time you power it own. Been there. :) All I had to do was bridge them after the fact, worked like a charm after that.


Re: Deep Blue Delay Problem (yes...again)
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