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Cry baby gcb95
« on: June 15, 2017, 09:55:20 AM »
Hi! I'm new here :) I bought a gcb95 3 years ago. It was new.  I used it about 10 times in 3 years. Some months i bought new guitar and amp, so now i'm Digging into pedals. The problems that i've noticed are 2.
1) At some point during the sweep, it change directly the sound, like If it jump a part of the sweep in a harsh way. But this happens not every time. Sometimes it has a regular sweep. But the issue stay for all the time the pedals is on.
2) With toe down and amp volume higher than room standards, there are lot's of high frequency that make it unusable. They hurt my ears (and my teacher one's too).
Said that, I made some mods: true bypass (kept the buffer), led, Qknob and the stinkfoot mods. Both the problems showed up before the mods. I tried it with another guitar and amp. With 9v battery and DC. Tried to adjust the sweep range. Tried it alone and with other pedals. Nothing worked.
I'm using a tele thinline, orange micro terror and hiwatt cab 2x12.
Any idea of what could it be and how to fix it? I thought to change the wah pot, but I don't know if that price is worth. And I'm not sure that it will solve my problems :(

Sorry for the long post, and for any error I made. I'm not English :)


Re: Cry baby gcb95
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If you haven't used it much, you could try a squirt of pot cleaner. It might just have muck it in. Cheaper and easier than replacing the pot.
Even just wiggling the pedal back and forth a lot might help if it's been sitting about doing nothing of a while.



Re: Cry baby gcb95
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Yeah, most likely a dirty or damaged pot.
you would get more response if you post in the correct forum section, you have accidentally put this in the digital and DSP section. :icon_wink:

It's fairly straight forward, if you want to start it , press start. You can work out the rest of the controls for yourself !


Re: Cry baby gcb95
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Thanks for the answers! I'll try to clean the pot on of these days :)