Author Topic: Boss TU-12EX Tuner troubleshooting  (Read 826 times)


Boss TU-12EX Tuner troubleshooting
« on: March 16, 2018, 11:01:23 AM »
Hi everyone,
My Boss TU-12EX tuner don't power on, even replace the power supply cable, but problem remain,  i use the Dunlop DC-Brick that have seven 9v outputs and i use one of them for my tuner.
Please write here your suggestion if you have any idea that i can fix it.
Thanks a lot.


Re: Boss TU-12EX Tuner troubleshooting
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Re: Boss TU-12EX Tuner troubleshooting
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Welcome to the forum :)

We're going to need a bit more information: have you verified that your power brick is operating? If the brick seems to be working have you measured the voltage to make sure it's getting what it needs? Have you tried running it with batteries instead of the brick? Have you checked the power button to make sure the button isn't faulty? Have you opened up the casing to see if anything is visibly damaged?

Also since you didn't mention it, has it ever worked? Is it something you bought new and used for a while that stopped working or is it second-hand and has never worked?

I'm sure we can get it sorted ;D
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Re: Boss TU-12EX Tuner troubleshooting
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It is probably a cracked solder joint on the audio and/or power jacks.  Just tin them up with a little solder.  On the tuner.  You'll probably see the crack with a magnifier.
Those jacks are held in place by solder only - no threaded bushing and nut is used to attach them to the "chassis". A moderate tug on the cable can exert a great deal of force on the solder. At worst, the jacks might need to be replaced. Rarely.
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Re: Boss TU-12EX Tuner troubleshooting
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Hi friends,

I think here is a little mistake, sorry :icon_redface:
I checked all of seven 9v DC-Brick outputs, i used 6 of them at all, so move and change all 6 outputs one line to the left and leave empty soucket to the right. SO IT'S WORK !!!!
it's slacked on the road probably...

I'm very glad to hear those smart and pro answers,
Appreciate it :icon_surprised: