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I bought a couple of these recently which are a nice amount of ram in a small package (disregard the picture, it came in SOIC-8). Have not tried them yet though.

Oh nice, there's a few SRAMS with matching pin configurations for SPI in SOIC 8 packages that should be interchangeable on the PCB so I can try some larger ones like this.

WM8731 has a very noise ADC. I wasted some time on it.

That interesting - I'll look out for that issue. So far I've had the WM8731 eval board talking the dspic and passing some audio to check that my schematic will be OK (I had to juggle the pins on the dspic as I thought I might in order to connect stuff up properly, but other than that the schematic I posted above was fine^) but have yet to order PCBs to try it properly to asses any noise issues. Will probably build a unit around this design at least for my own amusement and then asses whether it's OK. Probably worth noting that I'm building some nasty glitchy horrible FX (my band makes horrible noises, not pleasant ones :P) and so for my use I'm not really going for perfect - "a great deal better" than the ADC/DAC combination on the dspic is enough for me. Then it'll be OK for what I'm trying to do. But if it doesn't work out I'll need to work on an alternative! Mr. Seel had some ideas I can try out in that instance if I can work through it and understand.

Out of interest what codec did you end up using instead of the 8731?


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Asahi AK4556 - has much better ADC, than wolfson.
CS4272 - better, than AKM