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ZVex Demo movies
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I checked this page out a while ago and loved listening to the wide range of effect ideas. The only one that wasn't working at the time was the Machine. Thanks for pointing this link out again.

So I finally listened to the Machine and LOVED IT! From the site description I was expecting an atonal mess, but it really makes the guitar signal sound distinctive. Thanks for showing off what it can do.

Now if other effect companies produced such meaningful clips the market would be much more knowledgeable about what exactly they are getting. Great job Zach!


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ZVex Demo movies
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Winged Eeled fingerling - wasn't that Elliot Ingber - played with Zappa?

That guy was like a mystical guitar god - maybe more fact than fiction, at least when I was 15.

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Yeah damn right an he played with the Magic band for a few years too, Fantastic guitar player and surely wins the prize for the coolest hair/beard conbination!!! :D

Hey Jim I'm in Whiston, near Sheffield- home of Chinese made steel!! LOL

Roll up roll up come buy yer Vox Tone Bender!!

Sorry had to be done :?

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