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Parallel. Sorry I wasnít clear. Dunno if itís just the pickups Iím using but itís the closest I come to the Peter green sound. Then again, if you heard it, youíd probably disagree. I have lo-fi ears. They come with age

No - I like it - wouldn't be something I use a lot though. My earlier question was about how useful having BOTH out-of-phase variations - parallel AND series - would be and how different they would sound.


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lovely collection of lefties bruno...... 8) 8) 8)

Thanks Rob Lefty Mate !   ;)

I apologize for my approximative english writing and understanding !


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Mine below

2019 Jazzmaster, Ocean Turquoise

1965 Mustang, Daphne blue

2004 Mustang, Ocean Turquoise

2004 Jaguar, Olympic White

2019 SG jr, Heritage cherry

2010 BlackHeart Melody Maker

2011 BJ Armstrong Les Paul Jr


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Nice collection.  :icon_cool:
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This is a thinline strat build I put together recently. I won't mention the name of the place I got the body from because I did not care for their product or their service, it took 3-4 hours of work to get it to the level I would expect a commercial product to be. Body finish was done with Wudtone (LOVE their finishes), neck is a roasted maple Fender replacement, pickup is a Seymour Duncan JB.

The pickguard was an experiement for me, it's aluminum that I milled out with CNC, then I powdercoated it and laser engraved it. Turned out really nice in my opinion, I may end up doing more like that.

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Still finding different areas on this great DIY Stompboxes site.
Found............Great pics of guitars !!
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