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I just heard about the ToneCore developer kit coming back myself...

Here's some links:;jsessionid=3YNQJMTAVCAUMQSNDLPSKH0CJUNN2JVN?articleID=202101466;jsessionid=3YNQJMTAVCAUMQSNDLPSKH0CJUNN2JVN?articleID=202401094

Looks like Freescale (Motorola) got into it...

EE Times:
A day at AES 2007: A selected pictorial tour
I also stopped by Freescale Semiconductor's booth for a demonstration of the ToneCore DSP Developer Kit, a kit that lets software developers easily create custom guitar effects for ToneCore guitar pedals from music gear manufacturer Line 6. The kit includes a Developer ToneCore dock, which uses a Freescale Symphony audio DSP, which is then used to program a Freescale microcontroller-based ToneCore programmable module.
This Freescale microcontroller-based ToneCore Programmable Module from Line 6 can be easily programmed with custom guitar effects and then used in a ToneCore guitar pedal at any time.

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Re: Tonecore Development Kit coming
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This sounds like something I could get into!!!!!!!

The Tone God

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I think two major issues will be cost and if a NDA is required. If it is cheap-ish and there is no NDA required we could use this platform to develop on here. The biggest issue for the DSP stuff has been getting a hardware configuration for people to work on.



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Any more info on this? People to contact, etc?

My guess is that there probably will be an NDA, as there was back when this was offered before. My hope is that there is comprehensive documentation, and hopefully some useful example code - not necessarily a fully functional Line 6 algorithm, but something that is simple to modify.

Sean Costello