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A Couple of Switches questions
« on: May 19, 2009, 01:21:55 PM »
  Hey guys, I'm currently working on a Neutron (Latest version from the GGG site).  I've got a couple of questions concerning the rotary switch since I've never used one of these before:
In these instructions: [neutron_filter.pdf]  the rotary switch is this one which is the one I got,  but on these instructions [neutron-tbp.pdf] the rotary switch is a little bit different, it's a Lorlin CK2396. 
  My question is, does the Alpha switch have a locating lug like the Lorlin?  I have it wired like the Lorlin, but get no sound when effect is engaged.  I finished late last night and I now know that I've made a few errors...which brings me to my next question:
  I have a dual battery snap connected in series, I now know I need to mod it to have it in parallel, but do I have to place Signal Ground to the batteries (I think not, but wanna make sure)?  Stupid question I know, but I've never encountered a build that requiers dual batterries... 
  Also, I started with the single battery option components, but I took them off suspecting a blown 7660 (it wasn't, I have my LED in backwards plus my DMM is running on semi-dead batteries),  with the exception of the jumpers.  I want to proceed with the dual battery option, so which jumpers should I remove, are they J8 and J9?
  I've tried to search for some answers but I've noticed that there aren't too many pictures for the Neutron...I'll try to post some later today.

Any help welcome!


Re: A Couple of Switches questions
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2009, 01:26:07 AM » back home, started to search for a few answers to my questions and bumped into a great webpage for the Mutron/Neutron :

It practically solved ALL my problems.
Of course you have to know how to read in Spansh...but it's very informative and detailed, and the rest of the effects shown are also pretty cool.

Gracias Calambres y psst!   :icon_mrgreen: