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Boss DD3 tap tempo??
« on: July 22, 2009, 07:29:46 PM »
Hi all,
I've ordered an MV52 IC (from Molten Voltage) which will put out a clock pulse (52 usec pulse, I think?) based on a tempo "tapped" in by a normally open momentary switch.
(The clock pulse rate can be scaled from 1:1 to 4:1).

Anywho, I was thinking I could connect the clock pulse from the MV52 to the MSCLK input of the IC on my Boss DD3 delay pedal but upon reading the clock signal going into this pin from the onboard oscillator, this pin wants to see a clock signal in the MHz(?) range. It seems that if I could run the clock pulse from the MV52 into a frequency mutliplier, I may be able to effectively control the delay time via a tap tempo button.

Does anyone know of a frequency multiplier IC I could use for this purpose.....or if this will even work??

btw, I know there are a ton of other pedals on the market that already have tap tempo features on them but where's the fun in just going to buy a new pedal?? Besides, I really like the sound of the DD3 etc.....