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EHX Holy Grail
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!st post: A buddy of mine gave me an EHX Holy Grail that he plugged the wrong juice into it (something other than 9VDc/500 mA) before a show (prolly b/c Jack Daniels said it would be OK) and it didnt reverb anymore. Three questions: 1. Does anyone have a schematic for one of these? 2) What typically is damaged when this happens? 3) Which components should be replaced to give me years of trouble free reverb? .....Thank You.


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Appreciate it.


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Passive-aggression isn't going to make anyone help you, man.

I don't have a schematic, no. If he hasn't blown the digital chip, regulators and suicide diodes are the main candidates for failure. You'd need to take voltages on those components with a multimeter. The diode would probably be a big black cylinder and the regulator would be in a standard transistor packaging or possibly one of those bigger ones with a metal heatsink with a hole in it (unlikely).

I'm assuming this isn't the nano version. If it is, you're just going to have to send it off to EHX. I wouldn't know where to start finding the reverse polarity diode or regulators in the SMD version.