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Started by fingersoccer, August 26, 2011, 11:16:32 AM

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I want to build a reverb pedal. I thought I'd start a thread that can act as a compendium of resources for interested parties.




A lot of great projects, right? The only problem is that I can't find any prefab PCBs or vero layouts. GGG doesn't carry their PCBs anymore (or at least they're not in stock) and the other projects don't offer that option. I've had some stupid experiences with making my own PCBs with Press n' Peel, so vero layouts would be the next best thing.

Anyone have any projects to add to the list or resources for boards/layouts?


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I am currently putting together a dual-PT2399 reverb that fits in a 1550b. I have the PCB made, just need to stuff it. I will post it when it's up and running; hopefully end of next week.


WOW!Looking forward to to see it sir! Thank you in advance! ;D ;D ;D ;D
" The greatest inspiration is often born out of desperation--so be DESPERATE! "



I'd go for one of the two digital options, if thgis is for a stompbox. springs are really what people want for guitar, but they dont lend themself to easy implementation on the stagefloor. either you need to run long cables back and forth across the stage or you'll have to live with uncontrollable low end rumble and unpredictable noises. the digital option is more or less imune to being kicket around (to a certain extent) and much more forgiving of missplaced boots and stumbeling singers..
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making layouts is fun and good for you.
even when i find a good layout, i have to make my own. just to be sure!

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I've build a spring reverb with similar frequency response of '63 fender unit. If someone is intrested could check this topic for schematic:

It's in italian but the scheme speak universal...


Here is my dual PT2399 reverb as promised. Has just one knob for mixing in the wet signal, and a switch for rhythm/lead, bright/dark, whatever you want to call it; it's a bass cut before the delay line. There is also a trim pot to adjust the delay of one of the PT2399s, so you can tweak the sound from bathroom to hall. It also has electronic switching with tails. I literally just soldered this together, so no sound clips yet. Sounds nice to my ears though!
Schem and PCB:


Awesome merlin! Is the trim pot something others may want to mount externally, or is it a "set and forget" adjustment?
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Quote from: theundeadelvis on September 05, 2011, 12:14:32 PM
Awesome merlin! Is the trim pot something others may want to mount externally, or is it a "set and forget" adjustment?
Set and forget, really. I have it set on 17.5k, and its unlikely to move- most of the other sounds aren't that useful (bathroom?!)
I just ordered some enclosures from Gapco, so once it's in a box I'll make a recording.


I'm interested to know what a LC ladder reverb sounds like, in the simulator it looks quite springy and I've designed a reverb with feedback/adjustable ladder length/etc. around it but can't build it right now.  Ideally would be between analogue and digital in that there's no ADC/DACing no sampling but also no springs, but I just don't know.
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brilliant work merlin...ive always wanted a foot controlled proper reverb...can't wait to hear this...especially the hall!!!...... :icon_cool: :icon_cool: :icon_cool:

thanks for sharing . :icon_cool:

chasm reverb/tremshifter/faze filter/abductor II delay/timestream reverb/dreamtime delay/skinwalker hi gain dist/black triangle OD/ nano drums/space patrol fuzz//


Ok switch to plan B. The enclosures from Gapco turned out to be a lot smaller than I expected (external dimensions, what bloody use are they?!)
Anyway, here's a quick clip. Starts with max reverb and the bass-cut off. Then I reduce the reverb and put the bass cut on for the second half of the clip, and increase the reverb again. You can hear hiss at max reverb setting.

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Merlin, that sounds great! Thanks for all of the cool projects!



WOW! :icon_eek: :icon_eek: :icon_eek: ;D ;D ;DThank you sir for making this one roar! Can't wait to build it!
" The greatest inspiration is often born out of desperation--so be DESPERATE! "


Merlin, this is so good that it deserves it's own thread rather than be buried in this thread.

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