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about to order op amps
« on: March 04, 2012, 05:34:05 AM »
any suggestions of what i should order besides tl072 ?

i usually try and get stuff from tayda , futurelec takes too long . that or digikey . i like to try and cover my bases when i make an order so i should get as many as i may need for a few years for whatever ...

i want to try a mayhem or lmc567 thing mod type deal . i see it calls for a tl061 , is there a slightly different one that may work different or "better" ?

thanks !!
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Re: about to order op amps
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The TL06x series is the low power version of the TL07x series (the X on the end denotes the number of opamps in the chip, you can get chips with 1, 2 or 4 seperate opamps, the layouts are standarized so you can usually get away with replacing one dual opamp without another without ill consequences). Using a low power opamp sometimes helps in sections of effects that like to generate noise that can travel into other parts of the circuit (osciallators in tremolo pedals and such), though on its own it has a worse noise rating that the TL07x chips.

Some circuits don't like those JFET input opamps (some oscillators have issues with starting to oscillate) so its handy to have some regular opamps around as well. The RC4558 or LM358 work well enough in this aspect. There are plenty of better chips out there today but these are cheap and work well enough.
The NE5532 is listed as "dual high-performance low noise op-amp", useful is you sometimes want even better performance,. it does however use a lot of current for use a stompbox in the input impedance is a bit low for a bare guitar.