MAGNUS MODULUS - PROJECT - Another PT2399 Echo Modulator/Chorus/Tremolo/Boost

Started by ForcedFire, November 29, 2008, 12:31:42 AM

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Long time lurker, first time poster.  I have completed my first valid build of the Magnus Modulus with a board ordered from  I really like the circuit. It does everything I expected and more with the simple boost the GAIN pot can give with everything else minimized.

But I have to tell you, despite having a great build, most of my error checking over the last three days (which I thought was the perfectly good circuit) was actually my repeated, different attempts to wire the toggle switches.  I had great success with simply connecting the pads together, and controlling the various aspects of the pedal simply through the various pot configurations of the different sections.

My mini-toggels have a 3 leads: a larger center lead (from research this is the "Source") and two smaller leads on either side which the toggle determines as output.  Originally, since the leads from the Magnus Modulus board are two leads, and not three, I had wired the pots with one of the smaller pot leads empty, and the leads from the board to the middle and one side respectively, such that the circuit was either open or closed.  But I got noises, bass thumping heartbeats, etc.

I then thought, "hey, I guess this empty second pot lead has to go somewhere, I better send it to ground."  That really didn't work out because it sounded like a screaming ground fault with no volume control.

This is when I decided to simply connect all the pads together, and test the circuit without switching other than a bypass, and it sounds great- there is no noise or uglies at all.

So while, I COULD easily use the Magnus Modulus as is, is there some way to better wire these switches.  Thanks,
John Blake Arnold   ;D


Hey guys!!!
I built this project recently and i have two problems with it:

a) the delay switch "pop" sound

to stop this i had try the Thomeeque solution with no positive results unfortunately. Maybe is a mistake that i did (misunderstand) so can anyone tell me with more details what to do (with an image if its possible)
i can't upload a scheme of what i did straight to the forum and i don't have a link to do that

b) when i turn the tremolo on sounds a backround loud "heartbeat"

Had anybody the same problem? How can i stop that?

Otherwise is a very good pedal which you can get the sound you want very easy and without plugging many pedals


...and after a few years there is somone else who tried and build this, ehm, son of a gun! Well, it didn't go well at first power up :'(, and it took me a couple of days to figure it out, but finaly it worked. And it worked fine! Only one thing to point out: on my build(using an analogue synth, not a guitar)everything works but when you kill delay everything is off :icon_rolleyes:, and mod and trem, have small effect on the sound when you lower the depth pot (or maybe that's what it does). Anyway, it is just my second project and it worked as I was expecting it (with a little troubleshooting). GREAT!


we'll be expecting to see a photo of your build soon, in the picture thread, Costas, and welcome to the forum.
can you counts to 34.


It's in the wood finish enclosures. Not quite there yet, but I like where it goes...