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Started by Hal, August 23, 2005, 01:58:47 PM

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Here's my most recent build. It a modified FDECK HPF preamp with input switcher and independent volume controls for doubling on bass. My wife did the artwork.


There you go!A feedback looper pedal.Super easy to build,this is actually a wiring project  ;D


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Mac Walker

Did a run of new style wedge enclosures, here is a finish sample in gold and silver.

These are available in the registered, for sale section.

And a customer example:



can you counts to 34.


A Big Muff Pi:


Gorgeous inside and out Peter! No idea how you've done the top, an etch with multiple colours?

Clean, clean ,clean...

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Hello, guys!
Here is my Big Muff Civil War (mentioned earlier) with LIVE LED:
It's pity, but camera of mobile phone cannot reliably display the play of colors...  :(
(Guitar player is my friend).
Use it or lose it.


Here's my latest build. Super OCD – a souped up OCD designed by Fred Briggs.

It also has an internal charge pump so you can switch between 9 and 18 volts

Guts - layout can be found on my blog.


Summer is ending, so are these:

A Chorus

Which is just a rehousing because I didn't like my first attempt for it.

A Triband equalizer with added gain/drive knob


Quote from: storyboardist on September 01, 2015, 10:22:35 AM
Here's my latest build. Super OCD – a souped up OCD designed by Fred Briggs.

Nice one!
Does someone here know Fred Briggs personally? He didn't post for a couple of years now...


Dead astronaut spitfire metal n blues with an added clean blend for a bass player. This is a rehouse so the wiring isn't too pretty.


^^  Cool paint job.   :icon_cool:
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Hello, guys!
Here is my FET X-amp overdrive. The main idea was borrowed from the amplifier Carvin: amplification, attenuation, then amplification and attenuation again several times for getting smooth and sweet overdrive. I used only 5 overdriving stages instead of 15 at original - I decided that it will be enough. I borrowed tonestack from BSIAB-II (with mids control knob), and also I added 3-position CUT toggle to eliminate harsh components of sound. FET-transistors are taken from broken condenser microphones: they are low noise and high gain and cost nothing.


Also here is internal switch FAT at the left corner of the PCB.

Use it or lose it.


So here's a little project I've been messing around with for a 8 or 9 months of constant tweaking. It's my own circuit but nothing terribly innovative. Just some common building blocks arranged in my own way and I've been really happy with the results. Here's a shot of my last 2 builds showing the guts and the completed top all at once. Basic idea is starting with a non inverting opamp stage with mosfet clippers wired up for ultra soft clipping in the feedback loop (credit to Mr Orman for this idea!). That gets cascaded into a pair of 2n5457 stages with careful attenuation and filtering between stages. The other half of the opamp wraps everything up with a run of the mill buffer for reliable interaction with whatever's downstream.

If you're curious what this all sounds like here are some clips demoing the mid gain tones here:

Please excuse any weirdness in this post...I'm quite a few sheets to the wind on this fine early sat morning :)


WSG: Wow! That is very cool. You salvaged smd components?
Pojo: great design!


 Luke51411: Yes, I often reuse SMD components from old cellular PCBs, I have a lot of them.
Use it or lose it.


Quote from: KSG on September 05, 2015, 09:58:31 AM
Luke51411: Yes, I often reuse SMD components from old cellular PCBs, I have a lot of them.
That's pretty neat! How do you salvage them? You're not desoldering one at a time are you :icon_eek: