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Started by Hal, August 23, 2005, 01:58:47 PM

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Quote from: alteredsounds on February 10, 2006, 12:14:21 PM
runmikeyrun those cases are awesome, love it!
+1! Especially the Construction Delay. Really love that one.
Meanwhile @ TGP:
"I was especially put off by the religious banterings written inside the LDO pedal. I guess he felt it was necessary to thank God that someone payed $389 for his tubescreamer!"


2 True bypass + Tuner mute. Wired by me and painted by the dude I made it for.


EA Tremolo

May Queen modiffied for ACE FREHLY sound

And this is just Hot


Someone's a Slash fan.  ;D


Nero, is the Ace Frehley sound an EQ mod?  Can you share any details?
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Stompin Tom

yes please, nero. I'm curious, too.


Runmikeyrun: great geiger counter boxes!!


It always bugged me when the guitarists put their foot on my kick drum.   :D
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Peter Snow

Remember - A closed mouth gathers no foot.


hey guys, thanks.  Good source of geiger counters!!  My friend gave me my kit, it had two geiger counters, some dosimeter pens (a little pen-like device you look through like a kalidescope to measure radiation) and a dosimeter charger (about the size of a 1590bb).  I think he has a bunch of these kits left from a city auction, if anyone's interested i can check w/ him to see if he'd sell some off.  PM me if you'd like one.
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My first

It's just an A/B box. The LED's are for channel1 or channel 2. It runs off power supply only.
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hehe yes im a slash, kiss, zep and zakk wylde fan, they are SEXY on the stage and i love being like that too ;)

the ace mod i gotta check cuz i didnt write it down, i just first made it sound BASSY and then i changed 2 caps and 2 resistors and it made it sound very ACE which is very BRIGHT but more of a LIVE KISS sound ill post the schematics when i write them down


geiger counter boxes sold out! gutted!


Hello all,
Though not my first build, i'm so pleased with the result, i have to show it. (the result, not how pleased i am)
It's an easyvibe built in a crybaby pedal.
I think it sounds great.
I will post a soundsample later this week.



HI !!!!'s my PT-80

...and my Pez-90...

Both with etched enclosures...
...sorry about the large pictures  :icon_redface:

hank reynolds 3rd


Your PT-80 looks like the Necronomicon from the Evil Dead movies! Sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!
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Heres a pic of my great cheddar, i powder coated it black prism then silk screen then 2 coats of clear powder. i havent built an effect for a while been spending all my time powder coating. hope you like it.

Kustom Powder


Quote from: jjucius on February 15, 2006, 03:39:16 AM
Heres a pic of my great cheddar, i powder coated it black prism then silk screen then 2 coats of clear powder.
Nice looking, Joe!  Can you share what LPI screen you used and what paint?  I bought a pack of "Fast Film" for my circuit board work, but it's original intent is for silk screening T-Shirts.
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