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Started by aron, May 11, 2007, 08:03:15 PM

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Hi it's Daz here, good to be here



Welcome to the forum, Dax and Tom!
R.G. Keene: EXPECT there to be errors, and defeat them...


Hey there, I'm Mark.
I've hacked through a few builds over the years, and I'm looking to improve my game a bit.

  - PAIA Axe Grinder (late 90's)
  - PAIA Spluffer (ditto)
  - (big gap here, until covid)
  - Small Bear Oh My Darlington Rangemaster
  - AMZ Mini Booster
  - PedalPcb Six String Stinger
  - Read Llama clone (can't remember where I got the PCB)
  - Frantone Brooklyn Overdrive (vero!)
  - AMZ Mosfet Boost
  - MXR Distortion+ (from a MXR Dist+ PCB I found in an old guitar case)

Up next:
  - Aion Solaris & Quantum (kits)
  - Aion Dynamo & Monolith (PCBs, sourcing parts now)

  - learn to solder
  - MXR-style filter (maybe BYOC?)
  - custom fuzz / boost / Rangemaster using germanium transistors (Toshiba SB-something) pulled from an old Akai reel-to-reel deck