Biasing op amps

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Nice article on biasing op amps.
How to bias op amps

Sign up for a 30 free trial and help out!

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If you sign up for a free 30 day trial, gets credit.

Alesis V25 25-Key USB MIDI Drum Pad and Keyboard Controller

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Another good deal! Regularly, $179, now $69!

Awesome deal for older Line 6 MIDI interface for iPhone or iPad

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This is a great deal for the Line 6 MIDI interface. This is for 30 pin devices (older iPad and iPhone), but what a great deal!

Useful guitar electronics book

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Another useful book if you want to modify your guitar electronics.

Ultimate Tone Volume 1

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Want to know about tube amps and how to modify them? I have this book and it is excellent! There is tons of information on tube amp circuitry, this is a must-have if you want to learn about tube amps.

The “standard” for building stompboxes.

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This is the “standard” book regarding building stompboxes and projects. Everyone should have a copy of this book lying around.

Bare Bones Fuzz Face Tutorial from Small Bear

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Check it out and order kits:

Bare Bones Fuzz Face

Modern Recording magazine archives!

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From Mark Hammer’s post in the forum!

One tube of amp showing basically zero current

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My Fender Bassman was showing zero current at idle on one of the two 6L6GC tubes. I knew it was isolated to the socket because swapping the tubes showed the same zero current on the same socket. To make a long story short, the screen resistor (470 ohm) was fried. This is a 1 watt 470 ohm resistor that goes across pins 4 and 6 on the output tubes. The real culprit was a bad tube that would draw too much current.
Replaced the screen resistor and tube and all is good.

The symptoms of the bad tube/burnt screen resistor was low output volume and extremely low/none current across the 1 ohm cathode resistor.

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