DIYstompboxes.com is one of the oldest and best known sites for learning how to mod and build your own guitar effects pedal. There are many members from around the world and there is a wealth of info in the forum and on this site. Good Luck on your journey……

Want to build your own Guitar Stompboxes?
It’s not that hard. It takes time and patience , lots of reading, and a few

It wasn’t that long ago that I was searching
for a used LPB-1 so I could drive the input of my pedals. I would
have paid pretty good $$$ to get that simple little thing. I had
heard of the old MXR Micro Amp so I was searching for that one
as well. My friends told me about the old pedals I used to have
like the MXR Distortion+ and others that I never owned like the
Foxx Tone Machine. I had no idea how these boxes worked, how to
fix them let alone modify them. If a pedal didn’t have enough
bass, I would buy another one that did. If it didn’t have enough
drive, well, then buy another one that did or drive the input
with a booster that (you guessed it!) I had to buy.

With the help of very generous people on the Internet,
I no longer have to worry about any of this.
I have made many pedals that have been modified just
for me. I don’t have to search for vintage pedals and pay crazy
prices. Hey, look around and see if you can find an original Colorsound
Jumbo Tone Bender, Tycobrahe Octavia or Foxx Tone Machine. See
how much people want for them.

Once you get the first couple of boxes done,
you will no longer feel like you have to pay outrageous prices
for used gear. Instead you will be paying unreal prices for pots
and switches and enclosures (just kidding, well, not really).

If you learn how to build your own stompboxes,
you will be able to build many great pedals that are no longer
manufactured and are demanding ridiculous used prices. In addition,
you will learn how to modify your existing pedals and your new
ones so that they are customized for you.
You will also become more aware of hype vs.
reality. YOU will able to judge whether you really need to search
far and wide for that “magic chip” vs. ordering a 22
cent replacement.

Did I mention that besides old pedals that
you may not have been able to get back then or now, there are
NEW boxes being developed right now! Jack
Orman’s AMZFX page
is filled with new and exciting projects
that you can build. He’s probably working on a new one right now!

In addition, R.G. Keen’s GEO
has some exciting new modifications and pedals as well!
I admit it!!! I love distortion pedals. I love
the guitar. I love playing solos with distortion. Even though
I am 10X the keyboard player that I am a guitarist, I still love
distortion pedals and the guitar. I used to play guitar during
High School and College but keyboards keep me busy and gigging.
However, it doesn’t stop me from putting my guitars into any recording
project I happen to be doing. I hope you share my passion for
distortion pedals and the guitar…

I’ve been playing the pedals that I have made
and I am constantly amazed at how good these pedals
sound. These pedals are really great and fantastic (I think!).

Thanks to all the people that have helped
me. These pedals represent some of the best tone that you can

The best part is that you can move beyond the
status quo and start making pedals that are a step beyond what
is available today. Work on your skills enough and you will be
building and designing your own custom pedals – designed just
for you.

On this web page, you will find many links
to cool stompbox sites as well as schematics for your enjoyment.

A lot of the schematics are simply too difficult for the average
person to build, but are presented anyway. The schematics may
help when repairing a broken pedal . It’s also cool to compare
stompboxes and see how similar or different they really are.

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