ZOOM MS50G multi-effects guitar pedal

Posted by on 05 Dec 2018 | Tagged as: Effects, Guitar Related

While searching for a small chorus/delay/reverb pedal, I came across the MS50G. This looks like a great small pedal for an analog synth (for the backend) and also as an acoustic guitar pedal (EQ->Chorus->reverb etc…). You can chain up to 6 effects at once.

It’s low cost $100! ¬†Great to throw in the gig bag with the acoustic guitar or as a backend for the minimoog!

Area Note for iOS

Posted by on 24 Oct 2018 | Tagged as: iOS

I wrote this small utility that leverages the power of the reminders app in iOS/iPhone. There were many times I wanted to be reminded of the names of people I have met at a club, like the manager’s/bartender/worker’s name. In addition you can use this for gate codes, really anything that you want tied to a location. All you do is run the app, press the + to add a new note that is tied to the current location. Since it uses the built in reminders, you can share your notes with anyone else. Very cool and useful and FREE.

Musician Insurance

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For years I have used MusicPro insurance, but I never had to actually make a claim. After many years, I did have to make a claim and they were really fast and efficient! If you don’t have insurance and you play all the time, do yourself a favor and get insurance! The cost is very little compared to what you can lose through theft or with an accident.

Light plates back in stock – both small and large

Posted by on 03 Apr 2018 | Tagged as: STORE

Both small and large sizes in stock.
Holes already drilled on these!

Pick up in the store!

DIYstompboxes.com was under DDOS attack

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This is not cool people. Do you really have to attack a guitar pedal website that tries to help people?
The site may be up and down due to server migration. Going to another ISP that has DDOS protection.

Stablehost – great low cost shared web hosting

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I’ve had TONS of shared hosting and none have been better than Stablehost. So I recommend them to you and if you sign up with my code, it helps this forum.

So sign up!


Marketplace is OPEN on DIYstompboxes.com

Posted by on 23 Jun 2017 | Tagged as: Effects

There is a new forum for posting your commercial ads on DIYstompboxes.com!

It just opened, so be one of the first to post and get your ad in front of the DIYstompboxes community!


Backtrack Golf – Track your play. Follow your child.

Posted by on 20 Jun 2017 | Tagged as: iOS

There are a lot of musicians that play golf – I guess since they are usually free in the day, a lot of them play golf and are good!

I have a new app – it tracks where you go on the course and gives you yardages when you stop. When you are done, it is awesome to look back and see how you did. But that is not all….

For parents of junior golfers, you can follow your child as they play the course on your phone! Live Round view will allow you to see them moving through the course as well as markers on where they stopped which also show yardages.

This app is awesome and will help out a lot of people!


Check it out:

BackTrack Golf App for iPhone

Facebook – Backtrack Golf

Someone finally made it – small and convenient!

Posted by on 22 May 2017 | Tagged as: Effects, Guitar Related, Misc Music Stuff

So you have an analog synth with no effects…. what do you need?

You have an acoustic guitar… what do you need?

You have an electric guitar with a fantastic overdrive/distortion… what do you need?

Anything with no effects sounds better with….

Previous to this, you had to have 3 pedals or one big bulky pedal. NO MORE!
Someone finally did it!

No O-rings needed for tube dampener

Posted by on 10 May 2017 | Tagged as: Amp/Tubes, Guitar Related

Over the years I have used O rings to dampen microphonic tubes. But I read online about using silicon “glue” to do the same. So I found this RTV Silicon Gasket maker and it will withstand temperatures to 650 degrees which should be fine! You can apply it in any thickness you want and it works great!

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