Here are some great words from Kevin O’Connor – they really speak to me and the spirit of DIY:

from TUT5 preface:

“In the coincidence of two hobbies – playing an instrument and wielding a soldering iron – we can double our fun. We can expand our musical dexterity while learning new electronic tricks to make new sounds We remember the joy of discovering how to play out first chord, or sound a note cleanly, and we try to capture that feeling. Similarly, there was the sense of wonder in learning how some of the black magic of electronics works, and the specific voodoo of guitar amps became less mysterious.

There will always be people who think something they know is special and “just for them”. They will try to cloister their knowledge and obfuscate the truth, perpetuating myths that make it harder for the more communal-minded persons to move forward in their own paths.”

Whenever we can, we try to clear the path for others, as others have done for us. Through these writings, we hope to imbue a spirit of community amongst those within our hobby and industry. We can discover new methods together, to achieve our individual sounds, and to share and enlighten the world. We can all make a living while doing so, provided there is value in what we offer. Fortunately, like-minded people are in the majority.