Here’s a short and concise book on soloing using target tones

I like this book – gets to the core of soloing:

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Thinking of using your iPad to read music?

Check out!
Full of tips and info on using your music reader software with the iPad.

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Light Plates for your 1590B and 1590BB boxes!

These light plates fit in between the bottom plate and the box. They provide a way to light up the edges of your pedals and make a cool lighting effect!!!!! So instead of a single LED lighting up, you see the entire border of the bottom of the box lighting up!!!!! It’s very cool. All you need to do is drill the holes on the plate and mount an LED.


Reference this thread for what it does.

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Biasing op amps

Nice article on biasing op amps.
How to bias op amps

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Sign up for a 30 free trial and help out!

If you sign up for a free 30 day trial, gets credit.

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Alesis V25 25-Key USB MIDI Drum Pad and Keyboard Controller

Another good deal! Regularly, $179, now $69!

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Awesome deal for older Line 6 MIDI interface for iPhone or iPad

This is a great deal for the Line 6 MIDI interface. This is for 30 pin devices (older iPad and iPhone), but what a great deal!

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Useful guitar electronics book

Another useful book if you want to modify your guitar electronics.


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Ultimate Tone Volume 1

Want to know about tube amps and how to modify them? I have this book and it is excellent! There is tons of information on tube amp circuitry, this is a must-have if you want to learn about tube amps.


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The “standard” for building stompboxes.

This is the “standard” book regarding building stompboxes and projects. Everyone should have a copy of this book lying around.


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