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Re: If I told you how to build this fuzz....
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Can someone please post a pic of their finished board. I have just found this site and there seems to be a wealth of knowledge here. Whenever I searched for a fuzz project I could make entirely from Radioshack parts it lead me to this site. I have tried this twice and it hasn't worked either time. I tried to use a switch other than the 3dpt. Do you think this could be my issue?  Like I said if anyone could post some pics I would greatly appreciate it.



Re: If I told you how to build this fuzz....
« Reply #101 on: March 12, 2010, 02:21:36 AM »
I'm proud to say that this was my very first pedal project.  I've wanted to try making a pedal for a long time.  Finally I saw this project and decided to give it a shot.  My friend and I worked on it for 4 hours one night.  When the moment of truth came, it didn't work!  The whole time we were building it I suspected something would have to go wrong and we'd never get it to work.  After staring at the non-working pedal for 30 minutes, I realized we forgot to put in the grounding resistor on the first transistor.  We soldered that on, and voila!  It works.

Thanks so much for the design!  My friend and I have the pedal bug now.  We're next going to try our hand at etching our own circuit boards and building some more advanced projects.



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Re: If I told you how to build this fuzz....
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Wow this really sounds great. I had tried it months ago as one of my first attempts at a pedal and failed miserably. I sortof felt a tinge of guilt for never bothering to fix it (didn't help too much that I had no breadboard at the time) I hope to box it up soon.
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Re: If I told you how to build this fuzz....
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love the fuzz thanks for the build. used 3904's first go round and then put in germs. like those better.

i believe someone said something about stacking transistors. how do you set this up. (pics would be best)

how do you get less overdrive. i have .1 uf in place of the 22uf and the .022 uf (dont have the right ones yet). the resistors are the same as the schem except for r1 which is a 270k. any help here would be appreciated.
great fuzz and easy to build

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Re: If I told you how to build this fuzz....
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I realize this thread is old, but it looks fun. Any ideas where the layout is?

Or am I just being daft?



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