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Should have used the point to point method. Sans wood box.
Building your own stompbox / Re: TM019 transformer for reamp box
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Try it sometime, you'll see.
But I've been doing it for at least a decade  :o And I've yet to find someone who can explain what a "reamp box" is for, but when they try it's usually something about that scary word that implies trigonometry and imaginary numbers: "impedance".
If I understand correctly the issue is that "an amp" behaves differently (unpleasantly so) when driven by the low impedance source of an interface output. Does it have the same issue with any other low-Z sources like active pickups, buffers, wireless receivers, effects?
I assume it's a tube amp. Doesn't it have a grid stopper at the input that's at least on the order of a passive pickup Z?
Is there something I'm missing? How does this use case picture from Radial themselves make any sense? Un-buffering a signal to send it through 3 buffered-bypass pedals before the amp?!

Could you plz post a precise schematic of your layout..?? :icon_mrgreen:
try a 1m pull down resister at input.? lots of pedals do that. :icon_rolleyes:
how do you refill a sharpie? have not heard about this? my fine tip is going dry anyone figure this out? besides buying a new pack at costco?
Boss FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz switch diagram help needed
i am looking for a diagram or other help figuring out this switch wiring.
schematic has 1,6,2,4 listed
that leaves 3 and 5? would these be connected as a bridge? or left blank ? i am confused about this.

thanx -   :P
We don't know if the noise is coming from the power line (like when you plug a non grounded tube amp and a desktop pc at the same wall socket) or if it's some electromagnectic field that's reaching your guitar pickups (like when you put your guitar near some other electronic devices and starts to hear noises).

Try to run the amp using a battery, and just one store bought pedal, also using a battery. This way, you'll test the possibility of the noise being coming from the wall socket power line. If this solves the problem, then it'll be just a matter of building some sort of power filter.
thanks... tried all options no luck
This is sort of a sidebar to this discussion but if you are into messing with tape heads, look at Nicolas Collins' fun DIY book "Handmade Electronic Music" has at least one fun tape head project. Also a project that uses credit card swiping technology in a similar application (magnetic reader modded for noise making)
- Strategy

Thanks! And guess what, I bought that specific book a few years ago but had no time then to read it thoroughly. So thanks to you, I am reading it now  while typing this :)

I've put values on schematic for easy thinking.


I see things which may be typos. Stomp switch is S3 in schem but S2 in text. Level control is R11 in schem but text mentions R15. And to _my_ eye, R6 and R15 look wrong, both could be zero (and maybe reduce your whistle).

I hope Steve drops by to guide us.

> a pretty good %^&*ed wah

FYI: Simple way to avoid the cock censor is to spell with a zero: "c0ck".
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