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Please post links of schematics where small incandescent lamps are used in distortion circuit

Either due to time constants of resistance change with signal envelope

Or Non-linearity of resistance with current

or some other innovative application (Effect On/off indicator does not count :)

Thanks !!!

Building your own stompbox / Re: CE(FJ)-1 Chorus
« Last post by box on Today at 04:22:32 AM »

Yeah, where is that Scruffie guy anyway!?  :icon_mrgreen:

It's true he is still hiding somewhere :icon_biggrin:
Building your own stompbox / Adjustable crossover
« Last post by rankot on Today at 04:03:22 AM »
I have built an adjustable crossover according to this schematic:

But I modified it to dual supply like this:

I experience a large drop at the output on both bands, and I have no idea why. Do I miss something obvious? There is not a ground connected at the input jack in my drawing, but it's done on the prototype, so that is not the case.

Building your own stompbox / Re: Another Amp In A Box
« Last post by Vivek on Today at 03:32:52 AM »
Why do you think there are no successful commercial op amp products?

I know nothing.

Anyway, here are my thoughts.

The only question in the original post is regarding commercial success of a product.

That has to do with many aspects besides technology

Even the choice of knobs on the pedal has an effect on the commercial success !!!!

However from what little I have read about the technology :

First, What really differentiates a distortion pedal ( run into effects loop) from an AIAB Amp in a Box ?

Is it that the distortion pedal makes no marketing claims to sound similar to an existing preamp/amp ?

or that the distortion pedal has more primitive tone controls ?

or the distortion pedal has less gain stages, normally just the one ?

Second, since last 25 years, everyone will tell you that the magic sauce is Pre-distortion EQ, Clipping, Post-distortion EQ.

Maybe all distortion pedals implement that formula in a simple way, but it seems that a tube amp has a bit more up its sleeve, like

multiple gain stages that make more complex total transfer function

Interstage EQ

volume dependent harmonics,

harmonics and volume dependent on integration of signal envelope.

Do the self-proclaimed AIAB do that ? Normally they have multiple gain stages but dont do the signal envelope dependent stuff.  So what gives them the right to call themselves AIAB rather than Distortion boxes with better tone controls ?
Building your own stompbox / Re: way off topic, but...... hully sheet
« Last post by rockola on Today at 02:31:27 AM »
Hope the buyer shows up here asking for Octavia mods.
Most distortion pedals implement clipping

Some implement crossover distortion.

Is there any advantage sonically in implementing transfer functions that distort the middle range ?

I would initially think that would make a vibrant sound with changing harmonic content dependant on volume.

( I saw some multidiode clippers that implement progressive clipping (Slope of transfer function flattens out with each diode kicking in) , but only one schematic that changes slope upwards in the middle of the transfer function)

I love treble boosters, i use the runoffgroove omega which can be biased to be a treble booster and a full range

Nice! Is it based on a rangemaster? What kind of tb is ist?
BTW, I heard (on youtube) that there' a simple cap mod on the input of this pedal. On his vid he said putting a 12nF cap 'across' the input jack can clean up the bassy low freq and add some crisps on the high.
Do I just have to add a cap between the tip of the input jack and the 'IN' of the pcb?
Is there anybody who have tried this mod before?
Building your own stompbox / My pandemic feature SOT
« Last post by aron on Today at 01:14:53 AM »
This is my Shaka through my amp.
Anyway I was featured in an interview about COVID and how it affects us musicians that play live.
I love treble boosters, i use the runoffgroove omega which can be biased to be a treble booster and a full range
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