Let me introduce you to Dr.Boogey

Started by electrictabs, January 17, 2005, 09:42:14 AM

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Bob N

OK... I just posted up the Parts Layout and the PCB on my webserver. Now remember, Electrictabs designed the circuit and Bucksears did the PCB.

All I have done is built the circuit and know that it works, and works well, however, I just got the circuit back after months of being out of my hands and it is not working at this moment. I'll be troubleshooting the circuit and find out what went wrong... I'll even record something with it once it's working again, although don't expect any kind of spectacular guitar playing as I'm more about the electronics... and rarely even pick up my guitar outside of testing a circuit.

The PCB is located Here

The Parts Layout is located Here

I'll leave these links up as long as Electrictabs and Bucksears allow me to. It is their circuit and I am truly grateful for even having the opportunity to have something like this to work with.

Gabriel Simoes

I know that mpf102 or 2m5457 will work instead of j201, but, what are the expected differences between them ???

And .... since they are not cheap ... could I use other fets like bs170 or 2n7000 ?



The BS170 and 2N7000 are Mosfets rather than JFets and won't work the same in this design.

Something else to consider is the amount of resistance between stages.  Increasing it will lower the amount of distortion, and decresing it will increase the amount.  Your in effect adjusting the amount of distortion contributed by each stage.   8)
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Gabriel Simoes

Sorry about the mosfets ...
But ... about the mpf102 .. since this is the only one I could find here in Brazil (almost impossible to find j201 or 2n5457) .... what should be the tonal differences in this project, if I use mpf102 ???? any idea ?


Unfortunatley the MPF102 is a lower gain device.
 I don't know how that relates to noise or getting the gain up again with another added stage.
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Gabriel Simoes

So you think I wont get good results with mpf102 ??? I was really excited about building this .... and then I have to quit :/ ..... thats bad .... but ... thats how things work .....
I thought it could work since this circuit has a lot of gain and most people would not use it all, so it could be compensated, .... less from mpf102 and more from the circuit itself


There was some discussion awhile back about adjusting these type circuits to use the lower gain MPF102's.  Do a search.  It might still have enough gain, if your guitar pickup isn't too weak.   8)
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Cut it large, and smash it into place with a hammer.


when do we get to hear a sample where the gain is set to max? i am curious to hear what this pedal can really do in terms of distortion... it might just be what i am looking for...  :twisted:


I figure that I already know this answer will be a resounding "NO", but I was wondering if tube immulation with JFETs can react with a germanium effect like tubes do? I've never built a total germanium transistor anything, because they're supposed to sound like crap with a solid state amp.
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as time goes by,
I start to get blinded by those emolations...:


anybody got a view of what is what and what is named after what?

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I hope ET is getting a kickback on these kits this guy is selling. I checked right away to make sure it wasn't my layout.
I don't mind doing stuff for free and posting on my (or anyone else's) site, but I'm not letting someone etch my design layouts and start selling them.
- Buck


Bucksears: this thread wasn`t bumped by me because of a layout-issue.
There is none, IMHO.
OLC correctly states, that he gets/sells problem-free PCBs.
All correct - no offense - no accusations at all!

But if it does concern the circuit ("development") of ET (=Electrictabs, iirc, a nice and friendly greek diy-fellow),
those who provide/grant the PCB/layout to OLC (whom I completely want to exclude from my critical remarks!!!),
could/should at least mention where the name for the project
and the circuit comes from...



I respect others' works and I don't hide anything. I'm legitimate - everyone gets his rightful cut. I don't want bad karma to be my demise. However, I had not heard of Electritabs before today was not aware that Electritabs owned anything that I should be paying for. I'll contact Electritabs and seek a deal, or I'll remove the kit.

Thank you.



I appreciate your respect. Thank you.

If this is a credit issue, I'm sure I can have that solved very shortly. If it's a money issue, I will see what Electritabs feels is fair compensation. I want to do what is right and keep myself legitimate. I see no other way to operate.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


Hey, OLC - don`t worry...   :icon_smile: !
(you`re not supposed to have to defend yourself - nobody accuses/-d you!)

it`s not your fault (if any...)

my idea was just and only,
that if in fact that project is based on electrictabs`thing
(iirc, he didn`t even make a PCB layout himself),
the guys that provide the PCB/layout for you could/should
at least inform you, where the origin of the circuit for that sound can be found...


(I can`t/ don`t speak for electrictabs,
but it`s very probably not a money issue at all - imho, he`s a very humble guy, who wouldn`t even think of that... :icon_rolleyes:
but therefor the more I think, he could at least have been "mentioned", just out of respect).


olcircuits & puretube,
I didn't mean any offense or to show irritation by it. I'm not a legal-wrangler or anything, I don't have a lawyer on speed-dial. ;-)
But there was another guy on the HC forum that apparently had my PCB design (I saw his pic of the guts of his pedal) and was offering to sell etched PCB copies from my layout. THAT'S what irritates me. If you want to etch them for someone else for FREE, great.
The schematic that I have of the Dr. Boogey does have a copyright on it. I just know who came up with the design for the Dr. Boogey, I worked with him to come up with the first PCB, and he's not the one selling the kits/PCBs from it.
I didn't mean to imply that anything was hidden, just that the original (circuit) designer should probably be aware of it (or at least be asked permission).
That's all.

- Buck


ooops - Buck: I wasn`t even aware of "the other" guy...  :icon_redface:
(I must have missed that)


No problem, it just gets sticky when you start to involve money. I try to contribute what I can even though I'm no circuit designer.