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unrealBook for mobile (iPhone) is available

Yep, check out your PDF music charts on your iPhone. Also reads unrealBook drawings, set lists, bookmarks and indexes. Remote control an iPad via networking and grab files from Pick up your copy in the App Store!

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Light Plates for your 1590B and 1590BB boxes!

These light plates fit in between the bottom plate and the box. They provide a way to light up the edges of your pedals and make a cool lighting effect!!!!! So instead of a single LED lighting up, you see the entire border of the bottom of the box lighting up!!!!! It’s very cool. All […]

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Germanium Transistors – small stash for sale

Yes, 2N527, OC140/CV7112- Germanium transistors in the STORE. VERY LIMITED, grab them now if you want these hard to find germanium transistors known for their tone. Also have some BC108b NPN transistors available as well.

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Purchase parts for your stompboxes at the Store

You can purchase parts for your stompboxes at the store. See the store link.

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NextSong – a Bluetooth Footswitch controlled player

NextSong is available in the iTunes store. It’s a Bluetooth Footswitch controlled player that allows you to create set lists of music and start/stop them from the Airturn BT-105 foot switch controller. Have fun! NextSong Info

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Get unrealBook free if you purchase an Airturn BT-105

Purchase an Airturn BT-105 through this link and get unrealBook for free. See this link for more information…

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unrealBook for iPad (Sheet Music Reader)

For the guys that use sheet music onstage, check out my iPad app! Over the years I have created my charts in Sibelius and saved them as PDF. I’ve always wanted a device that I could carry with me to replace the multiple binders that I use for all of my gigs. I would have […]

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Things I have learned this year

I decided to post a few things that I have learned this year. All wire is definitely directional. What I did was rewire my amp again, but not with expensive teflon wire or solid silver etc… All I did was reverse the direction! The clarity was amazing. All this time that’s all it was. It […]

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Happy New Year

I hope everyone has a great 2010!

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